Brian Fitzsousa is a composer whose music has always been a product of the influence of far-reaching musical styles and a spontaneous instinct. Born in Connecticut, Brian had a meandering musical upbringing that ranged from studies in classical and jazz piano, singing in church choir, teaching himself guitar, songwriting, and constant music-making with friends and family.

Currently based in San Francisco, Brian is finishing his master's degree in Composition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with acclaimed composer and pedagogue David Conte. He is a teaching assistant to the music history department, where he can often being found talking friends and classmates’ ears off on topics ranging from Wagner operas to twelve-tone technique. An active composer, he collaborates regularly with local chamber groups and singers.

As a high-school student, Brian spent his afternoons at the Greater Hartford Academy of the arts, where he performed both as pianist and vocalist in the academy’s premiere jazz combo and big band, winning top prizes in national competitions in New York and Boston. While a student, Brian realized and explored his love of composition, producing numerous works for his friends and colleagues to perform, the result of his immersion in improvisation and study of harmony and theory.

During his time in New York City, Brian studied composition under renowned composer Justin Dello Joio and film scoring under Oscar-nominated composer and arranger David Spear. Brian formed several bands including the Brian Fitzsousa Trio, Dewey and the Decimals, and Brian Fitzsousa and the Temporary Tattoos, recording several EPs and playing extensively throughout the city. He also became a sought-after composer of film music, scoring several award-winning films which toured the festival circuit.